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It was three days since BW number 374112.8 escaped from Crystal Industries and stowed away in a Delivery ship heading towards Canada, but a few miles behind were three black submarines with the Crystal logo on them and Commander Cold was on the line.

Commander Cold- So how is the chase going, Captain Salt?

Capt. Salt- It's going well, Commander, The ship has no idea of us.

Commander Cold- Good and is she still in there?

Capt. Salt- ( checks the radar and see's a red blinking light coming from the ship ) Yes, Commander, She's still in there.

Commander Cold- Good, keep up the good work till further orders.

Capt. Salt- Yes Sir!

Commander Cold- ( hangs up ) Alright everything is going perfect. Now Zach, Damage report.

Zach- Yes sir, ever since BW number 374112.8 escaped, we got broken class in the isolation room, five wounded Scientists, air vent's with hole's in them, 28 wounded guards along with the ten dead ones thanks to the Avalanche and of course, Emily's room was destroyed.

Emily- And had some of my cloths stolen!

Vinnie- She even took your lucky panties! Darn!

Emily- ( glares at Vinnie )...I F***ING hate you!

Commander Cold- Well aside from those, we can recover easy just as long as-

Vinnie- Commander! We got incoming call!

Commander Cold-  From who, Vinnie?

Vinnie-( gulps ) Crystal HQ, the big guy.

Commander- ( after hearing that, a beat of sweat fell to the side of his face. ) P-put it up on screen, Vinnie.

As ordered, Vinnie placed the message on Screen where they saw only blackness and a Red Diamond Shape appeared. A deep and chilling voice was heard.

?????- Commander Cold. It has come to my attention that one of the Bionic Women you had just escaped.

Commander Cold- Oh you heard about that? Well don't you worry, we are pursuing her as we speak.

????- Where is she?

Commander Cold- In a delivery ship heading to Canada.

?????- I see, is there anyone nearby the ship instead of your mean?

Commander Cold- No sir, That ship is all alone.

?????- You fool. You should attack it and capture The Bionic Woman in the wreckage!

Commander Cold- B-but won't that attract attention?

?????- Yes but that's where I want you to make the whole world think it was either an accident or a pirate attack. Do you understand? We cannot let her tell the whole world about us and if she told the crew in the ship, we will have a problem.

Commander Cold- I guess...I mean I see! I will give out the order right now!

?????- Good, now don't fail me this time, Commander or I will see that you will never live to feel your heartbeat ever again. ( hangs up )

Emily- That voice can really get under your skin. ( shivers ) I even got goosebumps.

Vinnie- Same here but they are Duck Bumps to me.

Emily- ( face palms )

Commander Cold- ( picks up the phone ) Capt. Salt, new orders, attack the ship and capture BW number 374112.8.

Capt. Salt- But Commander, what if-?

Commander Cold- I got orders from HQ and if you don't want to die now, you better pull up your sailor pant's, put on your eye patch and stop being a bitch and catch that BITCH!!!

Capt. Salt- Y-yes Commander. ( hangs up ) Full speed ahead!! Attack the ship!

Later in the ship, BW number 374112.8 was still sitting in the cargo bay, fast asleep but then, her eyes flashed green and looked to her left and used her X-ray eyes to see the incoming submarines.

BW- So they finally found me and it look's like their going to attack the ship. I must get out of here before the crew get's hurt! ( get's up and runs up stairs to the surface but avoids getting seen by the crew members. She whispered to herself ) Okay all I have to do, is find some life boats and lure them away from the ship. ( see's one just ahead ) There.

She slowly walks towards the life boat but one of the crew members saw her and sounded the alarm.

Crew member- Hey where did you come from?!

Crew member 2- Stop her! ( charges with a crowbar in his hand )

The crew member swung his crowbar at BW's arm, causing the crowbar to bent. BW then kicked the crew member into a group of others and summer salt flips to the life boat, cut's down the rope and pebbled away from the ship.

BW- I'm very sorry!!! ( paddles faster. )

Ship Captain- Well that explains the missing food.  ( see's something in the radar ) Hmm? What are those? Submarines?

Capt. Salt- It look's like she left the ship.

Sub crew member- What are your orders of the ship, Captain?

Capt. Salt- Launch the torpedo's and leave no one alive.

At that moment, the submarines fired their torpedo's at the ship, turning it into an island of fire and smoke, BW stopped to see the tragedy that beheld on the ship and it's innocent crew. Guilt and sadness feel upon her but she had to keep on moving so she placed her hand into the water and at a moment, a great force of power pushed the boat into an incredible speed faster that any speed boat has ever gone.

Capt. Salt- 0 o Okay since when could she do that? ( picks up the phone ) Um...Commander Cold?

Meanwhile at Crystal Germany HQ.

Commander Cold- You lost her!? How?! How could you loose her in a F***ING lifeboat!? ( listens to Salt ) Well killing a ship full of crew doesn't change a thing!!! ( hangs up ) D*** it! Just d***it!!! ( takes some deep breathing ) Okay, this is not a problem, we can still track her and all we need to do is contact Crystal Canada and they'll catch her. Emily! Call in Professor Heat, we need to know what tricks this Cyber Bitch has!

Emily- Yes sir.

Meanwhile, in the snowy Canada, a Cruise ship just docked and all of the passengers got out of the ship. Out of all the people in the ship, there was a young man who was happy to be home. He was wearing short sleeved blue shirt under an open black jacket, blue baggy pants, a pair of black gloves, Sun glass over his eyes, tan boots and is carrying a large brown suit case. He looked to be around age 19 and has short brown hair, and brown eyes.

Man- ( sighs ) Ah it's good to be home. BRR. ( shivers ) But it still has to be cold here. Oh well I can take what I can get. ( picks up his phone and calls someone ) Hello? Hey Mom, it's me John. Yeah I'm back....Yes I am fine, why do you ask?...What?! A ship just exploded? How?....Oh...well it must have been some accident or something. Anyway I'm heading for my apartment right now. Alright, I'll see you next Sunday, Bye I love you. ( hangs up ) Well that was unfortunate. I really hope those guys are okay.

As John walked off, BW number 374112.8 was walking about, seeing if there were some of the Crystal soldiers nearby but as she did, she tripped and feel backwards.

John- HM? ( turns around and see's BW number 374112.8 on the ground and walks up to her ) Hey, are you okay?

BW- I'm fine, I just tripped, that's all.

John- ( holds out his hand ) Need some help up?

BW said nothing and grabs John's hand as he pulled her up. As that happened, John saw BW's face and he was in awe for he hasn't seen anyone as cute as she was.

John- //// T-there.

BW- Thanks. (walks off )

John- Wait who are you?

BW- None of your business!

John- But will I ever see you again?

BW- Never! ( runs off )

John- Aw man. The first pretty girl I met and she ran off. ( sighs ) Oh well. ( heads to his home. )

BW- ( thoughts ) That might have been harsh, but I had no choice, Crystal would destroy this whole town if I stay here for so long and he was cute too. //////

Meanwhile back at Crystal Germany HQ.

Commander Cold- ( talking to the Commander in Crystal Canada. ) Yes she's there as we speak and I need her back in one piece....Well what do you think you should do if someone knows her? That's right now go and catch her right now and don't screw this up like we did or....on second thought, just go get her. ( hangs up ) Oh my god, this is such a nightmare. I'm up in my throat in trouble and we are not coming close to capturing that bitch. Zach, where is Prof. Heat?

Zach- He's running a bit late sir, turns out the Avalanche has blocked most of the secret passage ways to us.

Commander Cold- Well tell those digging dirt for brains to dig faster! We need to know what we are up against!

Vinnie- Oh but we do. We are against a rough female cyborg spy who is freaking HOT!

Commander Cold-...Shut up, Vinnie.

Later back in Canada a few armed Crystal soldiers were patrolling through the alleyways and streets for BW but she was on top the building roofs, watching over them. While John was in his small apartment, sitting on his dark green cough, thinking about BW.

John- I know she doesn't want to see me but she's all I can think about. She was so Beautiful, those eyes, her face, her hair and her voice. Who is she? ( stomach growls ) Well I go get something to eat. ( opens his fridge to see not a lot of food was in there and it wasn't enough to fill him up. ) Great, oh well at least I have enough cash to get a few things at the store. ( picks up his  keys, get's into his car and drives off )

Soldier- Where is she?

Soldier 2- I don't know, the scanner is on the frits. Let's go see if she's in that park.

BW- ( watches them on top of a small house ) *whispers* Thank goodness their scanners aren't working right, now's my chance to- ( her hand accidently pushes down a loose stone which feel on a small puddle, catching the soldiers attention. ) S***!

Soldier- ( see's her ) There she is! Fire!!!

They all fired their guns at BW as she made escape but due to the winter ice on the roofs, it wasn't easy for her to avoid the bullets and keep her balance till she got shot to her right side and fell down into some bushes. The Soldiers charged but BW had some strength to fight off some of them, she grabbed one of them by the arm and kicked him in the stomach and swung him against some others. She jumped over them and gave one a powerful uppercut and catching an incoming fist only for her to punch the soldier with his own fist. The soldiers fired their guns at her once again, hitting her back and shoulder. BW was seriously hurt but she grabbed a trash can and threw it at the soldiers and ran off into the street were John was driving by and see's BW.

John- WHOA!!! ( stops the car and get's out ) Hey are you oka- Hey, it's you.

BW- Get out of here now! ( holds her side )

John- ( see's that she's hurt ) Your hurt, come on. I'll get you help!

BW- I said get out before! ( a bullet scratches her cheek ) AGH! ( she turns around and see's the soldiers )

John- What's going on!?

BW- I'll explain later, now get me to your car! NOW!!

John- Alright! ( helps her in the car, get's in and drives off fast )

Soldier- ( holds up his phone ) The cyborg has hitched a ride, we need a ride here and some back up now!!!

                                                                              To Be continued.
The Begining. Part 2.
Here we are, Part 2 and I have to say this is getting good! Hope you all like it and I have decided to call the series, Crystal Chronicles! Yeah!

BW Number 374112.8, Crystal Industries, Commander Cold, Zach, Emily, Vinnie, Capt. Salt, and John belongs to me. 
Hey guys, you know when I said that I am rebooting my Adventures in Emlonius series?....I kinda changed my mind. I have three reasons, the first reason is I'm havin difficulty of the whole new storyline, the second reason is I am now thinking of a new oc or two, and the third reason is that I am totally lazy as a SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH. So yeah, sorry ya'll. please forgive me....and have some fresh made biscuits for this is a random ending.



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Welcome everyone! I am KaijuInfinity.

And like my name, I am into monsters of any kind and I happen to create my very own but I mostly do stories about them.

Here is where my very own kind of monsters known and the Knawls are made. If you wish to know more about them, go ahead and read up. I'm also into Anime, Pokemon, MLP, Romances in the anime and cartoon kind, and Bubble traps.

Hope to hear from ya...or read from ya due to that we wright to each other. XD

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