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The fire was still burning and the group had their fill of food but the thirst for another story was nearly finished. Yuki and Haku were still blushing after what Sango said while sango herself still had the silk covering her mouth as Bon shi layed on her lap.

Sango- ( crossed her arms ) -_- Mmmmmffff!!

Haku- Now don't worry, Sango, Bon shi's silk will peel off in a few minutes so just relax.

Sango- Hmmf!

Yuki- Poor Sango.

Organchi- ( nods )

Yuki- Anyway, you got another story to pass the time?

Organchi- ( does hand sign language ) " I got one and you are going to love it. "

Yuki- We'll see. ^ ^

Sango- Mmmoh hmmm. ( subtitle ) Wooo hooo. -_-

Bon Shi- Keru! ^ ^

( flash back )

Organchi traveled through a thick forest while gathering himself some food, it's been weeks and has seen humans, or monsters of any kind. Through the forest, Organchi was feeling tired and was needing some rest.

Organchi- ( lays on the grass ) * thoughts * Oh my legs are killing me. Ugh, this heat! Where's a lake or a pond when you need one? ( whips the sweat off himself. )

As organchi was about to rest, he smelled something in the air that took his attention, after that, he heard something with it, water tossing and turning all around with no end. He followed the smell and sound till he left the forest and found a beach.

Organchi- ( sighs in relief ) * thoughts * This'll do nicely. ( runs to the water while ignoring the heat from the sand, he jumped into the water and let it's coolness sooth him. ) Ahhhhhhh....much better. ( He sat down and let the waves slash on him as he relaxed. )

He enjoyed himself for awhile then walked back to shore only to explore around the beach.

Organchi- * thoughts * This is more like it, nice smooth sands, the cool water, it could be a little cloudy but I can't ask Apollo to turn the sun's heat down. hehehe.

He looked around and out in the waters was a huge rocky spire with the rocks as black as ink and from the bottom and top were large caves.

Organchi- ( thoughts )Huh, reminds me of home. Anyway back to the beach! Some small pebbles, sea shell's, hoof prints, a village, sea weed. 0 0 Wait, Hoof prints!? A village!? Sea Weed!? Those things are gross!!

He dove right into the water and peeked up and swam closer to get a better view. It was a small village close to the beach and near the spire, he couldn't smell a thing due the the salt water but then he noticed allot of horses walking around and heard voices of humans but there weren't any humans at all. At first, he thought it was a village of centaurs witch was a first time for him but as he saw one of the centaurs walk out of the village, the centaur had a head of a horse rather than a humans head.

organchi- ( thoughts ) Equitaur's!? I...I can't believe it! This is better than centaurs! Now this is a rare sight to behold for the likes of me. Hold on a minute, they look sad and worried, did something happen? ( catches a different scent ) Wait, I smell somthing nearby...something...delicious. 

From the sky's a group of 5 harpies flown down into the village of the Equitaurs, causing the villagers to worry even more. The Village Chief walks up to the tallest of the Harpies. Organchi swam to shore while keeping himself hidden only to hear.

Harpy- Greetings, Damon.

Damon- Hello again, Pathura.

Pathura- So, what loot do you have to offer to us this time? 

Damon- ( shows the harpies a small pile of gold, cloth, and bodies of boar, wolfs, and fish) This is all we could gather. Now will you please return our children to us?

Pathura- ( chuckles ) Y-you think our master will give your children back for this small pile? Even we won't have any use for that!

Damon- But you promised!

Pathura- We did but our master wants more. Too bad there isn't any of your children left to take...guess we have to BURN this village to the ground!

Damon- No!

Just then, as Pathura was about to give an order, one of the harpies found one young male euqitaur hiding in the hut , smashed through the walls and grabs the child.

Harpy- BOSS! I found one!

Mother- ( sheds tears ) No! Not my Caesar!

Caesar- Mommy! ( reaches for his mother )

Pathura- ( smirks and look's back at Damon ) Well, it look's like your village still stands for now. ( takes flight with the others ) We'll take this little guy instead, master may be in the mood for horse meat. HAHAHAHAHA!!

 Mother- No! ( to Damon ) Chief! Please do something!

Damon- I can't we all know we don't stand a chance against their leaders wrath!

Organchi- ( thoughts ) But I can. ( dives down into the water and finds a small rock and picks it up, As he swam back to the surface, he looked right at the harpy holding the young Caesar on her talons. He aimed at the monster bird and threw the rock with pure strength, striking the harpy through the hip. ) Gotcha!

Pathrua- What the!?

The harpy began to fall, letting go of the Caesar in the process.

Damon- What happened!?

Villager- Chief! Look, something in the water! ( Points at Organchi )

Damon- A monster!? 

Mother- Caesar's falling!

As the little Equitaur was falling, Organchi was swimming as fast as he could to reach him as the villagers worry that he might eat him. At the last moment, Organchi caught Caesar right before he hit the water.

Caesar- ( see's organchi and was terrified ) P-please don't eat me!

Organchi- ( thoughts ) Kid, if I could speak right now, I would say I don't like horse meat. ( swims back to shore while dragging the dead harpy body with his tail )

As they reached for shore, Organchi put Caesar down as his mother ran in and hugged him.

Mother- Oh Caesar! Your alright! ( hugs him tight but looked at Organchi and stood back )

Damon- ( walks up to organchi ) You saved one of our children...what are you?

Pathura- That's what I was going to say! ( glares at organchi ) You! weird, hairy lizard thing! I have no idea what you are but if you think you can go off, killing one of us and get away with it, then your mistaken, when our master hears this, you and these villagers will be nothing but bones! ( flies towards the mountain spire. )

Damon- Oh no.

Organchi- ( writes on the sand ) " What is she talking about? "

Damon- ( reads ) Ah yes, you see, this all happened two weeks ago. We just arrived to this beach so we can enjoy the nice waters and sea weed, but we did not know of the harpies and their terrible leader, The Scylla. At first sight, we were horrified but the Scylla said that she will not harm us and let us live here only if we gave her and her minions anything valuable to us. But if we didn't offer enough, they take our children for ransom. Little Caesar here is our last child. Beast, will you please save our children and rid us of this monster?

Organchi- ( writes on the sand some more ) " Of course I will, your children will be back sooner than you think. " ( run's to the ocean and swims towards the mountain spire only now holding the harpies corpse in his jaws )

As he arrived at the spire, the current was trying to push organchi back but he swam through the harsh waves and crawled to the wall of the mountain with now only the talon of the Harpy sticking out of his mouth. He slurped the foot down and looked for a way to get in without being spotted. He knew that there might be harpies still at the very top, guarding the mountain, he looked down and saw a secret underwater cave but he knows that the Scylla would be there and attack him on sight. Just then at the back of the mountain, close to Organchi, was a cave entrance with no guards around. 

Organchi- ( thoughts ) Perfect. ( walks into the cave. )

The cave was all dark and moist, nothing to light his way through the tunnels but it didn't take him long to find the end of the tunnel to see the inside of the mountain. All hollowed up with large clear crystals using the sun to light up the inside. There were many floors and ladders and at the bottom and center of the mountain was a crystal blue pool connected to the ocean. On the fifth floor, in a steel cage were the children of the village, about ten or twelve to be exact, with armored harpies guarding them.

Organchi- ( thoughts ) Oh boy, this is going to be interesting. ( look's around and see's Pathura and her harpies flying down )

Pathura- ( to the guards ) Bring me one of the children. I don't care witch one.

Guard- Yes, boss. ( opens the cage and grabs a young female Equitaur covered with black fur and small while spots. her mane and tail were as black as her fur and was wearing a light green dried cow hide vest with a tan sash around her waist. ) Come on you!

Equitaur girl- Let me go! Please!

Pathura- ( grabs the young Equitaur ) Sorry, Abigail. But Scylla needs to see you. ( flies down while holding the young Equitaur with her talons as they land near the pool. )

As they landed, bubbled began to surface from the water as a large woman's head with blond hair and serpent-like eyes rose from the water and looked right at them.

Pathura- Scylla, we bring you...some bad and worse news. The bad news is that the villagers didn't offer enough treasures with us. The worse news is, when we tried to kidnap their last child, a demon came out of no where, killed one of my harpies and saved the young horse brat. So in times like this, do you think we should follow, " A life for a life" rule? ( smirks )

Abigail- ( gasps as her eyes widen with fear )

The Scylla nodded and opened her jaws, showing rows and rows of sharp teeth. Pathura lifted the girl off the ground and was about to throw her in. Organchi roar's, and charges in, hit's Pathura with his tail and grabs the child only to jump up to the fifth floor. As he put her down, the guards flew right towards him but in an instant, Organchi punched them both so hard that he dented their armor and send them flying right into the walls.

Equitaur children- ( in unison ) Whoa!

Organchi- ( pants and look's down at Pathura and the Scylla. ) Grrrrr.

Pathura- ( breaths heavily ) That's the one! He's the killer, Scylla!

At that moment, the Scylla rose from the water, tall enough to reach the fifth floor. The Scylla's hair was actually short and was wearing a multi colored vest made from the cloth from the village only stitched together. It's skin was like humans but were actually scales. Around it's waist were five, huge wolf heads covered with brown fur with yellow eyes and jaws full of razor-like teeth. Under the heads were long, aqua blue tentacles with the suction cups as big as dinner plates. As the Scylla spoke, it's voice was....different than Organchi and the children expected.

Scylla- ( with a voice of a man ) So, your the little vermin who is killing my little birds. You shall be punished!

Organchi- ( eyes twitched ) * thoughts * I think that harpy I ate was sick, cause I'm hearing things!

Abigail- Um...okay...this is...strange.

Scylla-...What? Are are you looking at me like that?

Abigail- Are Scylla's supposed to be ...female?

Scylla- Of course not! I'm the only one!...Wait, don't tell me you thought I was a woman too?!

Organchi- ( thoughts ) So this whole time the scylla's a man!? 0 o...that's weird.

Scylla- I'm sick and tired of everyone thinking I'm a woman!

Abigail- If that's so then how come everyone thought you were one?

Scylla- I was born with long hair and my voice was high pitched and...I was fat.

Abigail- ( sweat drops ) Ookay this just got weird.

Organchi- ( nobs )

Scylla- Enough! Demon! Once I'm through with you, these children and the villagers will be a feast of the life time for me and my harpies! ( raises his arm ) Now die! ( slams his hand down at them )

Organchi- ( slashed the Scylla's hand, forcing the monster back. He then removed the bars, setting the children free. )

Scylla- Harpies! Get those brats and stop the demon!

As the order was shouted, every harpy flew straight down towards them. The Children hid behind Organchi as he fought back the harpies. He slashed three incoming harpies with his claws then grabs one of them only to throw her at another that was about to snatch a kid. He then slams his tail at the two harpies, killing them in an instant. In that event, one harpy swoops on Organchi, sinking her talons into his shoulders, Organchi roar's then grans one of her talons, pull's her off, slams her to the floor and thrust his claws through her chest. Pathura saw what Organchi was capable of so she sneaked her way to the fifth floor as the Scylla was growing in anger and lashed one of his tentacles around organchi and pulled him deep into the water.

Organchi- ( struggles to get free but with no avail )

Scylla- ( dives down after him ) Your screams shall echo through these waters! ( one of his wolf heads stretched towards Organchi, biting onto his arm )

Organcho- RAAAAAAAAH!!! ( free's his other arm and thrust his claw's in the wolf heads snout, letting the pain it caused, forcing the wolf head to let go of his arm only for him to free himself from the tentacle, swim up to the wolf head, and sever it's head with one slash )

The Scylla roared in pain and lashed out more of his tentacles at the demon. Organchi dodged them as he swam, he gave the Scylla one powerful punch to the face only for the Scylla to punch back, knocking the air right out of him. 

Organchi- ( gasps and swims up to the surface )

At the surface, the children looked down at the pool to see that organchi rose his head out of the water, gasping for air but at that moment, the Scylla dragged him back down before he can breath in more air.

Abigail- Demon! You can do it!

Equitaur boy- Yeah! Kick his butt!

The children cheered Organchi on as he fought the Scylla but he was looking allot of air and even though he went up to get some air, the Scylla continues to pull him down, preventing him to breath.

Scylla- scratch the screaming part, I want you to drown in my grip! ( grab's Organchi with both his hands, squeezing him. )

0rganchi- ( trying to hold in his breath but the Scylla was too strong. But at that moment, Organchi's body began to swell up. ) Hrrr?!

Scylla- What is!?

Organchi's body continued to swell up while he was confused. After that, it stopped only for him to shoot air out from his back armor. Forcing him to fly through the water in great speed, head butting the Scylla on the chest. Knocking the air out of him as Organchi continued to fly out of the water, holding his head in pain as the Equitaur children looked up in amazement.

Organchi- ( thoughts ) What was that?! A new ability?! ( look's down to see he was near the top of the spire and was falling back down to the pool where the Scylla rose back up, hissing at him. ) Okay you ugly excuse for a mermaid. ( opens his hand and points it at the Scylla ) Time to introduce fried sushi in Greece! ( as he continued to fall, nothing happened. He was confused and tried to unleash his attack again but still nothing happened. ) Fluff! Out of all the times, I can't use it now! ( while he was distracted, the Scylla's wolf heads stretched up and were ready to sink their teeth into him. But he saw them coming and slashed at them as he continued to fall. )

Scylla- You will die here and these children will share your tomb! ( a rock hit's him on the eye )Aaagh! Who did that?

Abigail- Leave him alone, squid face!

Scylla- ( hisses ) I had enough of your stench! ( swims towards them ) Die! Die! DIE!!!

Organchi- ( pushes his way through the wolf heads and slams both of his fist's on the Scylla's head ) Raaaaaaah! ( climbs to his face, claw and punched him on the face. )

Scylla- BLLAAGH! Get off me! You stink of harpies blood! ( struggles to Organchi off but he hit's the walls and pillars and sinks deeper into the water. )

Abigail- Come on, guys! We got to help!

Equitaur boy- But how?!

Abigail looked around and saw a pillar loosen from the Scylla's struggle and see's the Scylla right under the pillar. Abigail leaded the others towards the pillar, pushing it all together but it won't budge. As they pushed, Organchi continued to attack the Scylla's face.

Organchi- RAAAAAAH! ( punches a tooth out and see's the children pushing the pillar. he smiled and made sure the Scylla stayed under the pillar. )

The children continued to push but still nothing.

Abigail- Come on! Move!! ( stops pushing ) It's no use, it won't move!

Just then, Pathura walked towards them with a grin on her face.

Pathura- Maybe I can help? ( grins. ) Hehehehe!

The children gasped and stood back as she walked closer but Abigail stood her ground.

Pathura- Look's like your pal won't be here to help you. ( raises her talons as she flew up ) Sorry if I can't help you with this, but I can help end your lives! ( flew affront of the loose pillar ) Bye, bye, little horse.

Abigail- ( turns  around and was about to run but as Pathura flew towards her, she gave her a kick that sends her flying right at the pillar, loosening it. ) Yes!

Pathura- ( gasps ) You awful little-! ( get's kicked again ) Agh!

Abigail- We're no longer afraid of you, Pathura, nor your leader. This is your end!

Pathura- ( saw that the pillar was about to fall and was about to escape but her arm was caught in the pillars crack. ) No! ( struggles ) NOOOO!!

The pillar fell with Pathura stuck to it. Organchi then saw the falling Pillar and jumped out of the way.

Scylla- Huh? ( looks up to see the falling pillar )..Oh Cra--.

In that instant, the pillar landed right on top of his head, killing him. His body sank into the water while Pathura was still stuck and was sinking with the Scylla's body.

Organchi- ( pants ) * thoughts * Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

He then leaded the children to the cave where he entered but as they made it outside, the ocean waves were splashing more vigorously.

Abigail- What do we do now?

Equitaur boy- Hey, maybe we can ride on the demons back as he swims back to shore.

Organchi- ( shook his head and wrote on the sand ) " Sorry, but that's not going to work. The waves are too strong for me to carry you all, the currents may bring you out to sea.

Equitaur boy- Oh..right. ( sweat drops ) 

Equitaur girl- What about that flying thing you did?

Abigail- He would have to carry us one by one and who knows if the waves might wash us away.

Organchi- ( punched the wall of the mountain in anger, causing it to crack ) Hmm? ( see's the cracks and then look's at the height of the mountain and the beach. He walks to the back out the mountain and punched at the walls a few times as the children were curious of what he was doing. ) * thoughts * Okay, let's hope this works. ( he then thrust his claws through the cracks and trying to lift the mountain up. )

meanwhile, at the beach Damon was standing outside the village, looking at the mountain.

Damon- Zeus help us now. Oh please, let our children be alright. ( see's something on the side of the mountain ) Could it be? ( takes a closer look to see that is was the children ) it is! They're safe! They are safe! Wait, what are they doing? ( notices the children were waving their arms towards Damon and then pointed at the mountain ) What does that mean?

Organchi- Uuuuuurrrgghhhhhh!!!! ( the mountain cracked as it was being lifted from the back by his strength. ) RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! ( sinks his toes into the rock as he continued to lift. )

The villagers saw the mountain and they began to flee as it was now falling straight down. As it did, huge waves were made and slashed around, sending small fish flying and the mountain crashed down with the sound similar to thunder. The village and it's people were unharmed and there before them was a bridge connecting from the beach to the small island where the mountain once was. Organchi leaded the children across the bridge and tears of joy was shown from both parent and child as they reunited with each other.

Organchi- ( smiles )

Damon- Beast, Thank you! Thank you for saving our children! ( cries as Abigail ran up and hug's him )

Abigail- Father! ( cries ) I thought I'd never see you again!

Damon- ( hugs back ) Me too, sweet heart! ( kisses her forehead )

Organchi ( smiles with a tear in his eye )

Damon- This calls for a celebration! Tonight! We shall have a feast among feasts!

The Villagers cheered with delight.

Abigail- Demon, will you join us? If it wasn't for you, none of this would have happened!

Organchi- ( writes on the sand ) " I guess I can stay for a spell but i'm a bit tired. " ( yawns )

Damon- Oh don't worry, once we have our celebration, we won't be able to sleep! 

As the villagers cheered, snoring was heard as Organchi fell asleep.

Organchi- Zzzzzz...

Damon-...Or we can wait till tomorrow. 

The Villagers laughed as Organchi rested.

( flashback ends )

Organchi- ( does hand sign language ) "And that's the story. "

Yuki- Those were amazing stories organchi.

Sango- ( pull's the silk out of her mouth ) Yeah. ( spits the leftover silk out of her mouth ) ew, gross.

Yuki- Do you have any more?

Organchi- " Yes but I think we had enough stories. We need our rest. "

Yuki- But none of us are tired?

Organchi- ( Points at Haku, who was fast asleep )

Haku- Zzzz...Ladies please....Zzzz

Sango- A pervert in sleep. 

Bon Shi- Keruuuu....( yawns and sleeps on Sango's lap )

Sango- Hehe, i'm joining you on that one. ( falls asleep )

Organchi- " How about now? " ( smirks )

Yuki- Awwww! One more story?

Organchi- " No, Yuki. You need your sleep. "

Yuki- But I want to hear more stories, Please!

Organchi- " Fine, don't sleep. We'll stay up and listen to more stories. "

Yuki- ( yawns ) Great ide..( falls asleep. )

Organchi- ( smirks ) " Reverse Psychology never fails. " ( put's a blanket over her and the others )

Greek tales. part 3.
The final chapter of the Greek tales, this is. Organchi stumbled upon a village of strange creatures that are threatened by a deadly sea monster who stolen their children. Will he save them all and stop the sea monster?

And no I did not made up the Equitaurs, they are an online thing. Don't believe me, look em up. Cause to be honest, I find them truly amazing.

And Yes I know it's weird to have a Male Scylla but I found out that the last two Greek Tales, Organchi fought two Female gorgons and a goddess! I don't want anyone to think anything wrong of me.

Organchi, Bon shi, Yuki, Sango, haku, Damon, and Abigail belongs to me.
Listen, I love pokemon, I loved it ever since I grew up around it's beginning but there are some small bit's that can make me annoyed and I bet some of you share my agreement.

1. One of the things that annoy me is what some of the pokemon look like. They all look good in my opinion is that they don't look like what their gender is. Example, You all know Gardevoir and Lopunny right? Cute, adorable pokemon that look like in the female gender but why can't they have a male difference? I mean both male and female versions of those pokemon look the same! 

2. Eggs, it's where our pokemon come from, it's gender is a mystery til it hatched but, there are times when some players want a specific gender of a certain pokemon but no matter how many eggs we make, we always get the same gender that we don't want. Example witch happened today, I was makeing a poke full of fossil pokemon from their first evolution to their second form and right now I want to have a FEMALE amaura but after about 13 eggs, they all end up as MALES. To me, that's very annoying, I mean I could make thousands of eggs of the same pokemon but still get male! It's like I want a Shiny to hatch! Is it wrong to have a female amaura? I mean look at them, their adorable! and I think for an adorable pokemon like them should be a female.

3. You know when you get a pokemon and sometimes their is a difference between male and female. Some are noticeable like Gibles, but there are others with gender differences that is so small that we can't tell till we look at the pokedex.



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Welcome everyone! I am KaijuInfinity, and this is were the Knawls are created!

Home of the most powerful and fearsome of Knawls.

The Destructive and Loyal general, Sonya.

The raging monstrous Knawl, Organchi.

And the king of all of evil, Master Knawl

But there are hero's in here as well.

The Mischievous Shadow beast, Shade.

The Strong armored elf, Steel Bison.

and The Undead Demon dragon, Zejron.

I hope you would all love to meet them

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